‘Nerf War’ in Kane features police, kids

Staff Writer

A “Nerf War” featuring law enforcement and first-responders will be held Saturday, April 6 at the former National Guard Armory on Chestnut Street in Kane.
The event is free for all Kane area children ages 17 and under.
The purpose of the “Nerf War” is to give kids the chance to interact with law enforcement and first-responders on a fun and casual basis.
Children 17 and under are invited, free of charge. They must have a parent present at all times and have a signed waiver.
Participants must use protective eyewear. Some eyewear will be on hand for those who need it.
Children will be welcomed to the free event by members of the Kane Police Department, State Police, members of the Kane Volunteer Fire Department and members of the McKean County Sheriff's Office.
Nerf guns and darts will be provided. Children are encouraged to bring their own equipment due to the limited amount on hand.
All participants will be responsible for their belongings.