35 expensive ’Supercars’ are displayed in Kane

Staff Writer

Millions of dollars worth of exotic “Supercars” were on display Friday in Kane.
Riki Tanaka, owner of the Table 105 restaurant on Fraley Street in Kane, said he made arrangements for the “Supercars” to stop in Kane en route to a major event in the Poconos in eastern Pennsylvania.
Riki said his contact is a man known as Saturn Ador-Dionisio of Toronto. Ador-Dionisio is associated with Ace Space Rally and other organizations affiliated with “Supercars.”
Kane Mayor Brandy Schimp said the “supercar” drivers and their passengers “selected Table 105 as their stop through the restaurant's Instagram page” on the internet.
“They contacted 105 due to Trip Advisor and Google ratings,” Schimp said.
“Approximately 60 visitors dined at Table 105 while spectators were able to view the ‘supercars’ parked along Fraley Street and in the old Fuel On parking lot.”