Another security measure set at Kane school entries

Photo by Ted Lutz — The Kane Area School District later this month will require photo identification for every visitor seeking entry at its schools and administration office. School District Technology Director Mark Candalor, left, and Assistant Technology Director Christopher Niklaus, right, reviewed the electronic log program Thursday at a school board workshop. They are holding one of the signs that will be posted at school offices to alert visitors of the change from paper name-tags.
Ted Lutz
Staff Writer

Another layer of security is being added for daytime entries at Kane schools.
Starting March 25, visitors will be asked by office personnel to present a state driver’s license or a photo identification card.
The IDs will be scanned and visitors will receive a printed sticker to wear on their outer clothing.
The sticker will show their photo, time of entry and destination within the schools.
When they leave the schools, visitors will return to the office for a quick check-out before they exit the building. 
A daily report will track the comings and goings of all visitors to the schools.
The electronic log will replace the existing paper “name-tags” given to school visitors during the hours classes are in session.
“The purpose of the new system is to make schools safer for our students,” School District Technology Director Mark Candalor said Thursday. “It’s all about the children.”
The new system will monitor and track every visitor who enters Kane schools during the hours classes are in session.
Candalor and Assistant Technology Director Christopher Niklaus gave a “power point” presentation on the Raptor Technologies system Thursday evening at a school board workshop.
The new entry system will be set up at the Kane Area High School, the Kane Middle School, the Kane Elementary School and at the administration office wing on the west side of the middle school.
The technology department is preparing for the new electronic logs by placing “welcome visitors” signs at the offices near the entry doors.
School visitors without a driver’s license or photo ID will be provided within information on how to secure one.
Candalor said the cost of the electronic log system is $6,900. He said a $25,000 grant from the state School Safety and Security Program to Kane will be tapped to pay for the electronic system.
Niklaus said many school districts have switched from paper name-tags to the electronic scanning system to keep track of visitors in the school buildings.
There are many advantages of using the electronic system, it was pointed out.
For example, the system checks names of persons wishing to enter schools with Megan’s Law entries in all states. The system alerts the administration if there is a “match,” Niklaus said.
The system also can provide alerts involving child custody issues or banned visitors by checking a custom data base.
There also is an “emergency” button that office personnel could activate if there are problems or issues at the entry point.
Visitors to Kane schools must pass through offices and the new scanners before entering the classroom interior of the school buildings.
“It’s a new procedure,” Candalor said in describing the electronic log. 
He views the new system as another measure to keep students safe.