Despite quarantine, Lutheran Home resident needs her beer

Staff Writer

Despite the coronavirus quarantine that bans visitors at The Lutheran Home at Kane, thirsty residents in the facility still enjoy an occasional beer.
Kane native Maryanne Gilmore was running low on her favorite malt beverages so she decided to appeal for “help.” 
In a sign placed in the exterior window of her room, Gilmore said: “I’m down to 1 beer. Help.”
A photo of her dilemma was sent to Royce Novosel-Johnson, owner of Logyard Brewing in Kane.
He quickly came to the assistance of Gilmore and provided her with a pack of beer free of charge.
“I’m happy to do it,” Novosel-Johnson said after making the delivery to Gilmore during the virus crisis. He did not enter the building to make the beer delivery.
A Lutheran Home spokesman said residents are permitted to consume beer in their rooms with the approval of their physicians. The Lutheran Home, however, does not provide the beer.