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Kane Republican Headlines from the Past – Week of April 12, 1912
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Youth Oils His Bicycle And Disappears From Home
Eleven Year Old Son of Mr. and Mrs. Glassman Runs Away From Home
Much alarm is felt by Mr. and Mrs. E. I. Glassman, of Warren, over the disappearance of their son William. The lad left home on a bicycle Wednesday afternoon and has not been seen since and the parents fear he has left home for good, or that he has encountered some accident.

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Glassman Youth Left Home On A Wager
Rode His Bicycle from Warren to Kane to Win a Hat from a Friend
“One of the boys said my wheel was no good and I bet him a hat I could ride to Kane on it, “explained William, aged 11 years, son of E.I. Glassman, the Hickory street dry goods merchant, over the telephone today. He is at the home of relatives where his sister, Rebecca, is visiting and will remain there until Sunday. He called his father up this morning and gave him the above explanation.
The lad said that at Clarendon he found a place to stay all night and in the morning, having no money, he told his Good Samaritan friend to “send the bill to my father, the Warren dry goods merchant.” Nothing could be done and they allowed the youth to depart.
He experienced a punctured tire en route, but as he has his repair kit with him this was readily repaired and the journey concluded without further incident.
“But my wheel is alright, papa, and I have won the hat,” concluded the youth.
His father is pleased to know that no harm has befallen his son and has sent him money and clothes so he can remain with his sister over Sunday.

Buried Under Load of Lumber; Lives
Was Swept From Dock He Was at Work On
Miraculously Escapes With a Badly Fractured Leg
Was a Close Call
Charles Carlson, a Sheffield resident, is unable, himself, to account for the narrow escape from death he experienced yesterday for a load of lumber, of great weight, toppled over onto him, knocking him from a dock to the ground beneath, a distance of eighteen feet and burying him. Carlson escaped with a broken leg caused by the fall.

White Star Liner Titantic Sinks In Mid-Ocean, With Loss Of 1500 Lives
Crashes Into Monster Iceberg on Her Initial Trip and Goes to Bottom Off Newfoundland Coast
675 Saved from a Watery Grave
Help Comes Too Late
Ships Find Nothing But Wreckage and Small Boats
Captain Sinks With Steamer
Most All of Rescued are Women and Children
The greatest maritime disaster in the history of the world occurred last Sunday night when the Titanic of the White Star line, the longest and finest of steamships, shattered herself against an iceberg and sank with 1,500 of her passengers and crew in less than four hours.