Headlines from the Past

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Headlines from the Past
The Kane Daily Republican- Week of June 30, 1899
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Dr. Thos. L. Kane was nominated for Sheriff and Neil C. MacEwen for District Attorney by the Prohibition Convention which held its session in Bradford yesterday. Both these gentlemen are residents of Kane, both are Republicans and both will undoubtedly vote the straight Republican ticket in November next. Elisha K. Kane was made Chairman of the Prohibition County Committee and if there is a man in the county who could put any vim into the canvass in the interest of that party, he is the man.

In A Paragraph column
A man in Lawrence sold his wife and two children to an Italian boarder for a bicycle and an accordion. It is not stated which side of the house got the best of the bargain but it is safe to wager that the wife did.

Mt. Jewett News
The new glass plant is to be located on the Mellander farm at the east end of the town and ground will be broken for buildings on Monday. It is estimated that the plant will employ 450 men.

New Grocery
On Wednesday, July 5, the Standard Grocery Co. will open for business in the store room on the corner of Chase and Field streets with one of the largest and best assorted stocks of Groceries ever offered to the people of Kane and vicinity.

Yesterday’s Fire
The Thomson House Saved Through the Efforts of the Kane Fire Department
At about 3:45 yesterday afternoon and shortly after the REPUBLICAN had gone to press, fire was discovered in the laundry of the Thomson House which is located in the rear of the house in a building that had been formerly used as a bowling alley.

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