Headlines from the Past

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Kane Republican Headlines from the Past – Week of November 17, 1924
Arrest of Young Man May Unearth Conspiracy
Girl Is Badly Hurt In Auto Wreck
Man Is Arrested For Causing Accident
Young Man Is Also A Victim; Struck By Car At Kanesholm
Girl and Young Man Were on Running Board of Car Parked Off the State Road Near Church Where Social Was Being Held; Sideswiped By Car Running Without Lights Is the Report

Hoodlums Were Active in Bradford
Rough and Sneaky Actions, Visitors Report
Kane Prinicipal Was Assaulted
A number of spectators who left here and went to Bradford in automobiles Saturday to witness the football game report that they were lucky to get back alive, as the treatment they were subjected to was anything but pleasant. When many of the Kanites returned to their cars they found the tires airless and in one instance, hoodlums threw away the tire caps. The big truck of Coleman Bros., which carried a number of boys and girls there also came in for its share of damage. The air was let out of every tire and the battery tampered with.
A near riot occurred when a gang of toughs attacked H.B. Patterson, principal of the Kane High School, as he was about to enter his car with his party. They had already started to maul him when the police interfered and stopped further rough treatment.

Winter Hit Kane With Full Force
Snow, Wind, and Zero Temperatures Were Features
Winter hit Kane with a bang yesterday afternoon, when snow started falling and a storm that developed into a near blizzard was soon raging. The snow fell to the depth of several inches, the wind blew a gale during the evening and the temperatures dropped rapidly. Many people shivered indoors from a gas shortage and motorists caught away from home had disagreeable trips.

Bradford Was Easy; Kane Hi won, 39 to 7
Kane Made a Touchdown In First Minute
Bradford Hopes Were Blasted
After weeks of anxious waiting and preparation, day of demonstration and decoration, the hopes of Bradford fans went to pieces where the high school team of that city was annihilated by the powerful Red and Blue machine of Kane in just sixty minutes of play. The victorious players left Bradford to the tune of “Bringing Home the Bacon” with Bradford’s scalp on the belt and the proud recognition of a 39-7 score on their minds.

Report that Bradford Will “Break” With Kane
Strange Action Is Alleged To the B.H.S.
Bradford High School has broken off athletic relations with Kane High.
George E. Schilling, principal of Bradford High school, yesterday announced that the decision had been reached soon after the football game between the schools on Saturday and that Kane officials immediately will be notified of the break in relations.

Farmer Near Brookston Heavy Loser From Ravages
Says Bears Devoured 20 Of His Sheep
Game Officials Investigating