Headlines from the Past

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Kane Republican Headlines from the Past – Week of December 29, 1929
Troopers Swoop Down On Nest At Wetmore
A dry squadron of twelve state policemen, headed by County Detective Jack Allison, this afternoon swooped down on a nest of bootleggers and moonshiners on Wildcat Hill, about five miles from here on the old Wetmore road.
Five persons were arrested by the officers, who were in uniform.
Five houses, all within a radius of three-quarters of a mile, were raided by the men.
Three complete stills were found in operation at the house of John Mattis, who was arrested. Six barrels of mash and 20 gallons of moonshine were seized also, it was said.

Dull Evening Here Turns Into Frolic With Thousands Out
What had promised to be one of the dullest New Year’s Eves in recent years was turned into a big celebration here last night, with thousands of people attending various affairs to welcome the advent of 1930.
Church bells, factory and locomotive whistles contributed to the din at the stroke of twelve when the New Year was ushered in with the customary rousing salute.
The Moose charity ball, in the L.O.O.M. ballroom last night, was attended by hundreds, who made the affair a gay watch party. The large dance floor was crowded by the merry makers who frolicked until the New Year had been initiated.

Half-Mile Slide To Be Completed Soon
About a week’s work remains to be completed yet on a half-mile slide being constructed by park and borough employees on the north end of town.

Chase Street Business Block Has Fire Scare
“Automobile Row” Puts Out Bentz and Hanks Blaze
Garage Fire Loss Slight
Fears of a recurrance of the disastrous Chase Street conflagration of 1903 flashed through the minds of spectators this morning as volunteer firemen fought flames in the Bentz and Hanks garage.

Kane High And Durant Clash
Wolves Prepare For Strenuous Loop Season
Last Game Of Early Schedule
Kane High School will end its early season training this evening in the school gym when the Red and Blue passers meet the forces of Durant City H.S.