Headlines from the Past

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Kane Republican Headlines from the Past – Week of Feb. 8, 2017

Transfer of License From Arlington To Windsor Sought
Application will be made to the court March 1 for the transfer of the retail license of Richard J. Greville from the New Arlington hotel to the New Windsor hotel in this city, sale of the latter having been made to Mr. Greville subject to transfer of license. The New Windsor at the present time is owned by Mrs. Catherine Barrett, widow of Stephen Barrett, Jr.
Mr. Greville purchased the New Arlington hotel about two years ago after coming here from Pittsburgh. He has been successful in his management of the property and has made many friends here.

Three Towns Show Low Record To Be 30 Below Zero
McKinley, Wilcox and Sheffield Contest For Honors While Record Here Was 18 Minus
The Worst Is Yet To Come
Weatherman Says That Cold Will Continue Unabated With Lower Temperatures Tonight

Certainty Of War With U.S. Will Not Deter Germany
Warning Given That All Ships Will Be A Prey Of Submarines
Period of Grace Affecting Neutrals in Barred Zone Has Passed And Campaign Against Shipping And Live Will Be Relentless

6,000 M’Kean Men Are Of Military Age, Census Shows Commissioners’ Report To Adjt. General Shows Kane Has 972 of Eligibles of County
Kane residents comprise 972 of 6,240 men of military age and fitness in McKean county, according to figures compiled by the county commissioners and reported to Adjutant General Stewart in accordance with the act of assembly, May 9, 1899.

Man Injured; Gas Leak Causes Fire And An Explosion at 316 Janeway Street
Match Struck By Fred Leake Ignited Fumes Escaping Into Cellar and Blast Shook Houses

From Nearby Towns Along The P & E
Baseball For Paper City
Many alarming rumors have been coming out of Johnsonburg the past few days concerning the baseball situation and it has been predicted that Johnsonburg would not place a team in the Interstate League this season. However, Kane fans will be glad to learn that the situation is not as gloomy as was painted and at the present time there are excellent prospects that when the bell rings a Johnsonburg team will be in the field. A meeting was held Sunday and the opinion of all present was that the Paper City should have a team.