Headlines from the Past

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Kane Republican Headlines from the Past – Week of March 2, 1932
A.P.G. Plant to Start Operations – Start Repairs on Big Plant for an Early Resumption of Work
Definite announcement that the American Plate Glass factory at Durant City will resume operations soon, was made this afternoon.
Sale of the American Plate Glass corporation has been confirmed by the court and deed of the entire property was given today to W.L. Heim, and N.D. Howells, acting for Clement Jungers, W.L. Heim, W.H. Davis, J.E. Henretta, F.M. McElwain, N.D. Howells, L.C. Amey, R.D. Marshall and James H. Heim.

Kidnapers Send Lindy Card
Postcard Mailed in Neward, N.J. Declares Kidnaped Baby Safe
A communication believed to be from the kidnapers of the Lindbergh baby and intended for his father, Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh, today was found by a letter carrier in a mail box.
It was in the form of a postcard and was addressed: “Charles Linberg, Princeton, N.J.”
A pencil had been used to print the letters. “Baby safe,” it read. “Instructions later. Act accordingly.” The “d” and “h” were left out of the flier’s name, which was written on one side.

Kane High Turns In Great Game as Mt. Jewett Bows 32-16
Kane High’s “1933 combination” turned in their best performance of the year on the high school court last night when they easily turned back the Mt. Jewett Magicians, 32-16, in a game that showed more real basketball than any here in several seasons.

Kane High Girls Win Another Over Mt. Jewett 26-10
They did it again!
Kane High’s undefeated girls team pushed another obstacle out of the way in their victorious march toward two seasons without a single setback, last night by walloping the visiting Mt. Jewett sextette, 26 to 10.
And how they did it. Functioning with the same unruffled smoothness that has brushed aside Red and Blue opponents for two seasons the Kane team easily hung up an impressive lead and then loafed through a last quarter that saw many substitutes in action.

Blizzard Hits Kane and Vicinity
The worst blizzard in years struck this section late yesterday and today and at 2:30 o’clock this afternoon eleven inches of snow had fallen here, with more descending.
A high wind whipped the flakes into drifts five and six feet deep on sidewalks in the business section were common early today.