Headlines from the Past

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Kane Republican Headlines from the Past – Week of May 4, 1942
Sugar Rationing Started at 3:30
60 Registrars Are Handling Various Borough Districts
This afternoon at 3 o’clock, the public school system swung into action for the issuance of War Rationing Book No. 1, which not only includes stamps for sugar, but for other articles which will be rationed in the future.

5 or 6 Gallons Of Gas A Week Is Probable
Ration For Motorists in Eastern States May Eliminate Pleasure Cars
A gasoline limit of five to six gallons a week for many eastern motorists was indicated today in a War Production Board order cutting consumption in the seaboard area to one-half that of last year starting May 16, when rationing becomes effective.

Pleasure Cars Get 2 Gallons A Week
Price Administrator Leon Henderson said today that motorists on the eastern seaboard, using their cars for non-essential driving, could expect no more than three gallons of gasoline a week under a government rationing system.
“I am going to say two, with no prospects of getting it above three,” Henderson told newsmen just before going before the House Interstate Commerce committee to testify on the gasoline and tire situation.

Cooking School Ends Tonight; 1,000 Attend
Attendance at the Republican’s annual cooking school last night was boosted over the 1,000 mark with the Kane High School auditorium filled for the second session.

Kane Mfg. Wins 19-3
First Full Game of Hilltop League
Bus Rose Slams Out Home Run
First full game of the Hilltop Baseball league was played yesterday afternoon on Glenwood field with the powerful Kane Manufacturing team handing a severe lacing to the Olympic Luggage outfit to emerge victorious by the lopsided score of 19-3.

17 Cows and 3 Horses Burn On Wilcox Farm
Gust Benson Suffers A Serious Loss
Family Away At The Time
Fire caused by lightning resulted in unestimated heavy damage at the Gust Benson farm near Wilcox Saturday night, destroying a large barn, 17 cows, three horses, a number of chickens, farm equipment and materials.