Headlines from the Past

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Kane Republican Headlines from the Past – Week of May 11, 1917
Search Is Started For Runaway – Boy With Ill Mother
Walter J. Montgomery, Who Left Home With John Lee And Mark Sullivan Is Being Sought – A Citizen Directs Hunt- Failure of Effort Results in Local Man Sending Circulars Broadcast to Locate Lad
Because of police failure to locate three boys who ran away from their home in this city Monday, a citizen has undertaken the search for Walter James Montgomery, the mother being prostrated as the result of the disappearance of the lad, who is 16 years old.

John Barleycorn A Poor Soldier
Let’s Go Dry and Win War
Prohibition is Needed in the Ranks as Well as in the File
More Grain is Used in Manufacture of Liquors Than Entire Fleet of German Submarines Can Sink In a Year

Bradford Woman Kills Husband Attacking Her
Bradford- Drink-crazed George Eckhart Shot Down By Wife Whom District Attorney Orders Released
A revolver shot fired by Mrs. Pauline Eckhart, of this city, killed her husband, George Eckhart, in their home yesterday afternoon and halted the mad rush that he had made to attack her with an uplifted axe.

Wilson Pen Will Give Conscription Force of Law Before the Night
With Attaching of Signature To Measure, President Will Order Registration of 10,000,000 Men For Whom Will Be Chosen Those To Carry Stars And Stripes Into Conflict for Preservation of Democracy
Washington- Before nightfall, the law conscripting young men of the United States for Military duty will exist on the statute books of the land for raising a national army that will carry the Stars and Stripes to the trenches of Europe.

Girl Escapes Serious Hurt in 18 Foot Fall
Genevieve Amey Pitched From Second Story Window in Home of Parents at McKinley
Genevieve Amey, eight years old, had a fortunate escape from serious injury or death last night when she fell 18 feet from a window in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Amey, at McKinley. Though she pitched backward from the window sill on which she was sitting, she landed on her feet and toppling to the ground escaped serious injury. The girl was stunned, but quickly revived. Dr. M. W. Cox, of this city, was called and found that no bones were broken or serious injuries sustained. Aside from muscular lameness and general bruises no ill effects were suffered.
The little girl was sitting on the sill of the open window in the second story of the home engaged in play with her brother. In some way, she lost her balance and fell backward to the ground. A complete somersault in the air saved her from serious injuries that would have been probable had she struck on her head or shoulders.