Nor'easter storm dumps snow, ice on Kane area

Photo by Ted Lutz
Ted Lutz
Staff Writer

The first major storm of the winter season hit the Kane area Thursday with at least seven inches of snow as well as sleet and freezing rain.
"It was a big Nor'easter," John Banghoff said Friday in describing the storm. 
A meteorologist with the National Weather Service in State College, Banghoff said the low-pressure system moved up the Atlantic coast from the south and spread heavy snow into Pennsylvania and other states.
He said winds in a "nor-easter flow counter-clockwise. He said northwest winds off Lake Erie "came in behind" the system and created severe winter weather in the Kane area.
The start of classes Friday in the Kane Area School District was delayed two hours.
The nor-easter, which The Weather Channel dubbed "Avery," moved east of Kane on Friday, according to Banghoff. However, he said the Lake Erie weather machine is up and running. 

The full article can be found in Nov. 17 edition of the Kane Republican.