Proposal permits chicken hens in Ludlow

Ted Lutz
Staff Writer

A proposed ordinance permits the keeping of chicken hens in Ludlow.
Hamilton Township Supervisors Nora Yasurek and Becky Davidson reviewed the proposal Monday morning at a meeting at the township building. Supervisor Brian Bastow did not attend the meeting.
According to the proposal, “the keeping of chicken hens shall be permitted within the village of ludlow, but only at a single-family residence or on a contiguous property.”
The proposal prohibits roosters.
The proposal also bans “farm animals” in Ludlow. This ban covers cattle, horses, goats, sheep, pigs, hogs, a donkey, a mule, a llama, an alpaca or a deer.
Under the proposed ordinance, chicken hens must be housed in a stationary coop with a roof. The coops must be located in the rear of the property at least 15 feet back from a property lines. The coops need to be ventilated and predator-resistant. Only one coop is permitted on each property.
An outdoor “chicken run” is permitted.