Record-setting cold temperatures coming in Kane

Photo by Ted Lutz — Some of the coldest temperatures in about 40 years are en route to Kane for tonight through Friday, according to the National Weather Service. More snow will add to existing huge snow piles in the Kane area.
Ted Lutz
Staff Writer

Kane is about to live up to its label as the “icebox of Pennsylvania.”
The National Weather Service expects dangerously cold weather in Kane from Wednesday through Friday.
Craig Evanego, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in State College, said Kane will “struggle to get to zero” for a high-temperature Wednesday. 
He said the “shot of arctic air” is expected to create a “very cold night” Wednesday with a low temperature of minus-12 degrees and a “wind chill factor” of between 25 and 35 below zero.
“There’s a chunk of very cold arctic air right over us,” Evanego said.
Evanego said the daytime high Thursday is predicted to be just minus-2. The “wind chill” Thursday night into Friday is forecast at between 30 and 35 degrees below zero, he said.
“It will be very cold in Kane from Wednesday to Friday,” he said.
According to the meteorologist, the National Weather Service is expected to issue a “wind chill warning” for Kane for Wednesday morning into Friday morning.
He said the “polar vortex” is expected to create frigid conditions that could lead to frostbite “in just 10 minutes.”
“It could happen quickly,” Evanego said in reference to frostbite. 
The meteorologist said the actual cold temperatures aren’t expected to challenge the Kane all-time low record of minus-35 set on Jan. 19, 1994.
However, Evanego believes Kane will set records both Wednesday and Thursday for the lowest maximum temperatures ever recorded on Jan. 30 and Jan. 31. He said the Weather Service calls the lowest high temperatures “a mini-max” reading.
It might feel like a heat wave Friday in Kane when the high temperature is expected to reach 12 degrees, Evanego said.
He expects the “warm-up” in Kane to continue Saturday with temperatures in the mid-20s and Sunday with temperatures in the upper 30s.
In addition to the sub-zero temperatures and scary “wind chills,” more snow is expected Wednesday in Kane, Evanego said.
“Look for snow showers or squalls Wednesday,” the meteorologist said.
The “wind chill” tonight into Wednesday is expected to hit between 15 and 20 degrees below zero.
The Kane Area School District could be considering the cancellation of classes due to the cold weather.
Superintendent Jeff Kepler said Monday that a decision on school closings has not been made at this time.
“We’re watching,” Kepler said.
According to the school’s guidelines, “generally, school will be closed when the actual temperature is between 15 and 20 degrees below zero or when the actual temperature combined with the wind chill is between 20 and 25 degrees below zero for an extended period of time.”

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