Renovated airport terminal to become 'showcase' for area

Photo courtesy of KTH architects — This rendering by KTH Architects of DuBois shows the latest design for the terminal renovation project at the Bradford Regional Airport at Mt. Alton. Construction could begin by May.
Ted Lutz
Staff Writer

MT. ALTON — The upcoming renovation of the terminal at the Bradford Regional Airport in Mt. Alton will make the building a "showcase" for the area.
This is the opinion of Ryan Dach, the director of Southern Airways Express stations and the station manager at the Southern base at the local airport.
Dach joined with others last week to look over the latest designs for the airport terminal project. Others taking part in the review include Alicia Dankesreiter of Wilcox, the airport manager; Ethan Hine, principal architect for KTH architects of DuBois, designer of the project; Brian Wolfel, engineering manager for the project for GAI Consultants of DuBois; and Mark Cestari, chief commercial officer for Southern Airways Express.
Southern provides daily commuter flights to and from the local airport on Route 59 in Lafayette Township and the Pittsburgh International Airport. 
The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) aviation division is funding 75 percent of the terminal renovation cost, which is estimated at $1.265 million. The last major terminal renovation project took place in 1993.
Under the current timetable, bids for the project will be sought by the end of March. Work could begin by May. It is expected to take six months to complete the project.
During the plan review last week, Hine pointed out that metal, glass, and stone would be featured in the project.
Both exterior and interior renovation is planned.
Dach said the project would provide "a much more inviting and relaxing" atmosphere for passengers waiting in the terminal to board Southern flights to Pittsburgh.
A fireplace will be one of the main features in the waiting area inside the terminal.
Many of the existing glass display cases now set up in the lobby will be removed. New video displays will be added, it was noted.
The project will feature stone columns on the exterior and many upgrades to both interior and exterior lighting.
The design team plans to consult with PA Wilds for signs and decorative features at the terminal.