Several criminal cases are filed in Kane District Court

Several criminal cases have been filed in Kane District Court.
Information on the following cases is from public documents filed at the court.
• Donald Chris Fanzini, 52, of Fairview faces six charges, including driving under the influence of alcohol.
State Police Trooper John Jones placed the charges after a traffic stop near Greeves and Fraley streets in Kane.
Fanzini refused a test at the UPMC-Kane to determine his blood alcohol content.
Police stopped a white 2017 Chevrolet Tahoe driven by Fanzini after the driver allegedly made an illegal “right on red” turn from Greeves to Fraley street.
The defendant told police he had “two beers.” He told police they could smell alcohol on him because “I didn’t brush me teeth today,” court documents show.
Fanzini asked the police to “just give him a speeding ticket because we obviously knew he was drunk,” court records show.
Police transported the defendant and a passenger to a camp on Wetmore Road, court documents indicate.
Fanzini is scheduled for arraignment Feb. 26 before Judge Dave Engman in the Kane court.
• Bryant Kent Hix, 24, of Fairfax, Va. faces six charges, including DUI (drugs) and possession of methamphetamine.
State Police Trooper Lauren Strishock placed the charges after investigating a one-vehicle accident on Route 219 near Route 59.
The defendant was operating a black 2012 Fiat that was involved in the accident. He told police that he “believed he lost control of the vehicle on a patch of ice,” court documents show.
Lab results showed Hix had levels of amphetamine and methamphetamine present in his system at the time of the crash.
Hix is scheduled for arraignment Feb. 20 in the Kane court.
• Darrryl Lee Kring Jr., 19, of 3 McClellan Ave., Mt. Jewett, faces six charges, including DUI and operating a vehicle as a minor with alcohol in his system.
State Police Trooper Timothy Mix placed the charges after a traffic stop on Greendale Road, Wetmore Township. Kring told police he had “one beer.”
A test at UPMC-Kane showed the defendant’s blood alcohol content at .047 percent. The level is below the standard limit of .08 percent. However, minors are prohibited from operating a vehicle while having any alcohol in their system.
Kring is scheduled for arraignment Tuesday in the Kane court.
• Saul Garza, 33, of Crowder faces six charges, including DUI (alcohol).
State Police Trooper Brittany Hildebrand placed the charges after a traffic stop at Lantz Corners. The defendant was operating a gold 2007 Mercedes Benz.
Police transported the defendant to UPMC-Kane for a test to determine the BAC. Garza refused the test, court records show.
The defendant told police he had consumed “two large beers and one shot” while having lunch in Bradford.
Garza is scheduled to appear Feb. 21 in Central Court at the county courthouse in Smethport.
• Justin Paul Edward Cornelius, 32, of 18 Anderson St., Mt. Jewett, faces charges linked with the possession of marijuana.
State Police Trooper Devin Nicholson placed the charges when the defendant came to the State Police station near Lantz Corners for a mandatory update of his Megan’s Law registration.
The defendant told police that he “forgot” the bag of marijuana was in the pocket of his jeans, court documents show.
Cornelius was taken into custody because he has “multiple bench warrants” in Jefferson County, court records show.
Cornelius is scheduled for arraignment April 30 in the Kane court on the charges linked with possession of marijuana.