Wrestlers to move to new practice sites next fall

Ted Lutz
Staff Writer

Kane wrestlers are expected to have new practice sites next fall.
High school wrestlers will work out on mats temporarily rolled out in the multi-purpose room at the Kane Elementary School.
Junior wrestlers will practice on mats rolled out in the Kane Middle School cafeteria.
The Kane "wrestling room" for practices now is located on the lower level of the former Chestnut Street Elementary School.
This building is owned by Kane Innovations, which reportedly has a prospective buyer for the building and grounds.
When the school district sold the property, an agreement included an easement to allow the wrestlers to continue to practice in the "wrestling room."
According to school board discussions, the potential buyer of the property does not wish to have this easement in place.
The school board in November relinquished one of its stipulations in the sales agreement when it gave up its "right of first refusal" to buy back the former Chestnut Street Elementary School.
Based on discussion Thursday at a workshop, it appears the school board is now willing to withdraw the easement and move the wrestlers from the building to make way for the proposed property sale. 
The move will not affect the current wrestling season, it was noted.
Action on the removal of the easement in the agreement could come next Thursday at a school board meeting. The meeting at 7 p.m. at the middle school auditorium is open to the public.
Speaking at the workshop, School District Superintendent Jeff Kepler said the administration wanted to "make sure the wrestlers have a place to call home" before proposing the removal of the easement for the current "wrestling room."
He said wrestling coaches have an amicable opinion on the moving of the practice sites. 
The high school wrestlers once practiced in the multi-purpose room at the elementary school.
Kepler said the company has agreed to help purchase mats for the new wrestling practice areas.
The high school wrestlers and the junior wrestlers both will be sharing their new practice sites with other after-school activities. Kepler said the coaches and program directors would develop schedules to avoid conflicts.
The Tornado midget football program in Kane also will be losing a practice field at the former Chestnut Street school.
Kepler said the organization will be looking at other sites that could include practice fields on the high school grounds or in James City.
Kane Innovations (Kane Screens) reportedly has a prospective buyer for its property. But the removal of the easement reportedly is a firm condition for the sale to this potential unnamed buyer.
One source said the potential buyer is concerned that injuries in the "wrestling room" could lead to a lawsuit. Kepler said this issue should not be a hang-up because the school district carries the necessary insurance.
Some of the other topics at the 90-minute workshop in the conference room in the administration office building:

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